A Versatile Artist 

Engagements 2023 
Vienna Mozart Orchestra (Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Musikverein), Zemlinsky Ensemble Vienna, Ensemble Neue Streicher, Ensemble of the  Church of St. Elisabeth

Engagements 2022
Wiener Mozartorchester (Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Musikverein), Zemlinsky Ensemble Wien, Ensemble Neue Streicher        

Engagements 2021
Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Zemlinsky Ensemble Vienna, Vienna Classical Players (Covid-cancelled), Ensemble Neue Streicher (Covid-cancelled)

Engagements 2020
Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Vienna Classical Players, Seewinkler Church Concerts, International Richard Strauss Society, Bock's Music Shop, Santa Vittoria Festival Fratte Rosa, Ensemble of the Vienna Jesuit Church, Ensemble of the Vienna St. Stephan's Cathedral

Engagements 2019           
Vienna Mozart Orchestra (Vienna State Opera, Wiener Musikverein), Ensemble of the Vienna St. Stephan's Cathedral, Pioneer's Festival (Vienna Castle), Long Night of Church Music Austria (Mariahilfer Kirche), Opera at the Quarry in St. Margarethen, Seewinkler Church Concerts (Basilica Frauenkirchen, Abbey Marienkron), Ensemble of the Vienna Jesuit Church                    

Engagements 2018

Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Camerata Carnuntum, Vienna Residence Orchestra, Seewinkler Church Concerts, Liedertafel Vöcklabruck , Vienna Jesuit's Church

Engagements 2017
Vienna Mozart Orchestra, Opera Burg Gars (Queen of the Night), Camerata Carnuntum, Medieval Festival Eggenburg

Engagements 2016
Vienna Mozart Orchestra

German, English, Russian, French
Basics in Italian, Czech, Japanese and Latin

Academic Studies
Opera Studio Irina Gavrilovici, Vienna: Voice and Opera Repertory
Play-Act: Angela Zabrsa (Opern-Regisseurin)
Correpetition with: Christoph Meyer (MDW, Bayreuth), Jendrik Springer (Vienna State Opera, Bayreuth), Dieter Payer (MDW), Gabriele Andel (Vienna Volksoper), Eric Machanic (Vienna Volksoper)
University of Music and Perf. Arts Vienna: Voice with Elke Nagl, Piano with Stefan Gottfried and Christiane Karajev
Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York: Music Education
University of Vienna: History of Art; Slavonic Studies - Russian (currently)

Veronika Kaiser was born in Vienna, Austria, with family roots in the famous town of Hallstatt in the region Salzkammergut and Vöcklabruck. After graduating from Highschool for Graphic Artists in Vienna she studied history of art at the University of Vienna as well as voice and piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Besides her academic studies she worked as graphic artist, museum guide and music teacher. Since 2012 Veronika Kaiser has been studying voice and opera repertory with Irina Gavrilovici, and since 2013 character acting and role interpretation with the stage director Angela Maria Zabrsa.
In May 2016 Veronika Kaiser made her professional debut with the Vienna Mozart Orchestra and has since performed various concerts at the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein and at the Vienna State Opera.
In 2017 she started her cooperation with the Lower Austrian orchestra, Camerata Carnuntum (New Year's Concerts, Church Concerts, China Tour), as well as with the Medieval Festival Eggenburg (Concert Programme: Martin Luther and the Reformation through Music). In July 2017 she made her debut on the opera stage in the Magic Flute at the Summer Festival Opera Burg Gars as Queen of the Night.
In 2018 new musical projects with the Viennese Residence Orchestra, the Liedertafel Vöcklabruck (Spring Concert), and the Seewinkler Churchconcerts (Concert "Ave maria") are on her schedule.
2019 Veronika Kaiser had her debut as soloist in Austria's largest and most important sacred building, the Vienna St. Stephan's Cathedral, with Mozart's Organ Solo Mass in C major. For the Pioneer's Festival 2019, which was held in the Vienna Castle, the air of the Queen of the Night Der Hölle Rache got a new text, and was embedded into a small history about the world's future. At The Long Night of Churches Austria 2019 she again presented the programme Ave Maria from 3 Centuries.
In 2020 two New Year's Concerts with the Vienna Classical Players, a recital for the International R.Strauss society, a church concert with the title Salve Regina, numerous Mozart Concerts with the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, a recital with Songs by L.Beethoven at the Santa Vittoria Festival Fratte Rosa, Italy and three recitals with arias by Mozart and Donizetti in Peru for the Austrian Embassy Lima are already on the list!
In June 2021, the recital Zemlinsky and his scholars could fortunately be performed in the Haus Hofmannsthal Vienna. A TV-documentary about the Zemlinsky Ensemble Vienna will be broadcasted in october on Arte and 3SAT. From August on there will be Vienna Mozart Concerts again in the marvellous Golden Hall, and in November a CD-production of Zemlinsky-Songs is on the plan.
In 2022 the Vienna Mozart Concerts were again back on the programme. Beside that, three Mozart-Festival-Concerts with the Ensebmle Neue Streicher as well as Ingrid Wendl as moderator were played. The documentary movie "Alexander Zemlinsky - The forgotten Composer" with the participation of the Zemlinsky Ensemble Vienna was shown on ORF III for the first time on TV. 

Together with the moderator Katharina Kreuz
Veronika Kaiser develops entertaining concert evenings such as Queen of the Night & Co.  – A History of Coloratura Singing in seven Arias from three Centuries or La Tenora – A Soprano Sings Tenor Arias: The Experiment or Martin Luther and the Reformation of Music, which are performed at different occasions.